Dean's Message

Dr Michelle Prytula

Dr Michelle Prytula

Dean, College of Education

The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) was originally established by one of my predecessors, Dr Murray Scharf, through a grant from the Ministry of Education in 1986. The purpose of this grant was to develop a non-profit research unit in order to provide customized consultative services to educational partners, First Nations authorities, and human service agencies that enhance leadership development and educational programs. Since that time, SELU has served provincial, national, and international clients through a variety of projects, programs, and research.

Today, SELU continues to carry out this legacy. Its purpose remains the same—to provide opportunities for leadership development through professional learning, forums, research, and administrative studies; and to offer consulting services to local, national, and international organizations. This is done through the activities of effective, knowledgeable, and research-oriented leaders and consultants who work in partnership across organizations in order to deliver on SELU’s mandate.

I am proud of the work of SELU. Throughout its 30+ years as a unit of the College, it has maintained and enhanced its identity as a trusted and intentional partner in education, due in no small part to its rich history and dedicated staff, faculty, and consultants, and its supports and structures. Because of this, SELU has made significant contributions that have resulted in deep and lasting change across the education sector and beyond.

At this time, I would like to specifically acknowledge the commitment and expertise of several individuals. First and foremost, Patricia Prowse, for the knowledge, experience, and professionalism that she brings to the Unit; Cecile Laprairie, for her longstanding dedication and commitment to SELU; and of course the enduring and effective leadership from both Dr David Burgess and Dr Paul Newton as well as other members of the faculty of the Department of Educational Administration. As we look to the future in these times of challenge, I see a continued and even greater need for the work of this highly valued and valuable Unit.