Overview Information


The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) with the assistance of the College of Education and qualified professionals, first developed the Educational Assistants' Professional Learning Series (EAPLS) almost 20 years ago. Over time the modules have been revised to respond to the current learning needs as identified by educational professionals in provincial school divisions and First Nations education authorities. The EA Professional Learning Series is comprised of five stand-alone modules that support the ongoing learning of educational assistants. Each of the modules is facilitated by a qualified SELU consultant providing interactive instruction pertinent to the work of educational assistants in schools.

Originally the professional learning series was designed to have a SELU consultant on-site to facilitate each of the modules. Recently there has been significant interest in offering the series through a virtual learning environment. SELU is currently renewing each of the five modules and will be offering the modules through an online broadcast or webinar soon. Please check the SELU website for webinar updates.

Module Overview

The SELU Educational Assistants' Professional Learning Series learning outcomes include:

  1. To provide professional learning opportunities aligned with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education's Inclusionary Philosophy and Beliefs
  2. To develop an understanding of roles and collaboration skills within multidisciplinary teams
  3. To develop skills to support students' independence and inclusion
  4. To develop an understanding of a range of academic supports
  5. To develop an understanding of a range of behaviour supports

EAPLS Module 1:  Collaborative Teams

Participants will learn about roles in multidisciplinary teams and practise skills of collaboration, team building, problem solving, and interpersonal communication.

EAPLS Module 2:  Supports for Learning

Participants will develop an understanding of the Saskatchewan's Ministry of Education learning models, the importance of relationships, the tiered approach to meeting student needs, the philosophy of inclusion, how to foster independence and self-determination, and effective problem solving to determine student learning goals, interventions, and supports.

EAPLS Module 3:  Academic Supports for Learning

Participants will develop an understanding of how to best support students as independent learners and the importance of explicit instruction that helps build automatic and reasoning skills.

EAPLS Module 4:  Understanding and Supporting Student Behaviour

Participants will develop an understanding of ways to support students' emotional and behavioural development within the classroom and school community.

EAPLS Module 5:  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Participants will develop an understanding of children and youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and explore effective strategies for introducing environmental, learning, and behavioural supports.

Minimum Technology Requirements

Please be aware that all participants will require—at the very minimum:

  • a desktop or laptop computer (hand-held devices are insufficient) with:
    • a camera,
    • a microphone,
    • speakers,
    • internet access, and
    • an up-to-date version of the Chrome or FireFox web browser.


In March 2020, the University of Saskatchewan outlined special measures designed to ensure quality in the delivery of all educational programs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In full compliance with these measures, SELU has worked to transition many of its professional development opportunities to online delivery.  

As a result, we are conscious of the wide variety of technical backgrounds and facilities available to potential participants in our online events. To offer assurances—and to maintain our own—in advance of registration in any of our online programs, SELU requires that potential participants complete, and pass, the following two tests of their computer environment.  

Don't worry, there are no skill-testing questions. The two tests are designed to double-check that your internet connection, computer system, and software are sufficient and suitable to ensure a quality experience within our EAPLS Modules. Be aware that you will require (at a minimum) a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers, as well as web access through an updated version of the Chrome or FireFox web browser.

Step 1: Connection Sufficiency and Computer Suitability Tests

From the computer you intend to use when you participate in an EAPLS Module, and with that computer connected to your internet service, please click on the following buttons to run each of the two tests.

Step 2: Registration

For individual registrants, following confirmation of the internet connections and software capabilities of your home computer, please complete the individual registration form available by clicking the button below. Once submitted, a representative of SELU will contact you with additional information.

For group registrations by school divisions or First Nations education authorities, please have a contact person for the group complete the group registration form available by clicking the button below. Once submitted, a representative of SELU may contact the contact person to discuss payment options.