Saskatchewan Principals' Short Course (SPSC) and SPSC Advanced Learning Series

The Saskatchewan Principals’ Short Course (SPSC) is sponsored by Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, Saskatchewan School-Based Leaders, and the League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents.  SELU serves as administrator of the program on behalf of the Department of Educational Administration, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.  Dr. Vicki Squires, Interim Associate Dean of the College of Education, serves as Program Director.

The SPSC is open to teachers, current or prospective Saskatchewan principals and vice-principals, and others holding administrative responsibilities in schools (department heads, coordinators).  Graduate students in Educational Administration and Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan are advised that, given the prior approval of their advisor, this seminar may be included as part of their academic program.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SELU has developed the SPSC Advanced Learning Series to provide ongoing professional learning and networking opportunities in a virtual setting free of charge to Saskatchewan educators.  

Educational Assistants' Professional Learning Series

SELU, with the assistance of the College of Education and qualified professionals, first developed the Educational Assistants’ Professional Learning Series (EAPLS) over 15 years ago. Since that time the modules have been revised to respond to current learning needs as identified by educational professionals in provincial school divisions and First Nations education authorities. The EAPLS is comprised of five stand-alone modules that support the ongoing learning of educational assistants.

Contact us today for more information and to request a training opportunity for your organization. 

What people are saying about the EAPLS: 

  • “The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) continues to provide responsive, timely leadership and support for school divisions across Saskatchewan, impacting and improving practice and student support models for students. SELU’s leadership from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worked collaboratively to meet identified needs, through the leveraging of their research expertise for the timely and responsive delivery of the Educational Assistants' Professional Learning Series positively impacting the practice of our Educational Assistants, schools, students, and communities across our division.” - Randolph J. MacLean, Deputy Director of Education, Horizon School Division

  • “SELU continues to be an invaluable partner to Saskatchewan school divisions.  When the Covid-19 pandemic closed schools, many of us were looking for professional development opportunities for our Educational Assistants as face to face options were no longer an option.  SELU responded to the school division requests and quickly organized and arranged for their modules to be delivered in an online format. The 60 participants who attended from Sun West School Division came back excited, energized, and eager to learn more.   This opportunity also opened up communication with student support teachers at the school level.  We will definitely be participating in future modules.” - Carole Butcher, Superintendent of Student Support Services, Sun West School Division

Participant Comments:

  • “I agree that the PD was very valuable. It was great to see perspectives of people all over the province. I appreciated the way that roles of the team were outlined. My biggest takeaway was that inclusion isn't easy, but very possible if we all work together, and SO WORTH it. I would look forward to future modules. "
  • ”There was a lot of useful information presented today, my brain feels full!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
  • “Great speaker, engaging.  Lots of real-life examples.  Relatable material.”
  • “Very informative. I feel so much more confident in my role as an EA.”
  • “Thank you for giving me a better understanding about my job.”

National Congress on Rural Education in Canada

The 26th National Congress on Rural Education in Canada will be held virtually March 28-29, 2021. The theme is Rural Education Beyond Borders: Reframing the Conversation.  This year’s keynote presenters are The Honourable Bev Busson, Senator, and Dr. Dianne Looker.  The event will include an international expert panel that will explore the topic "Why Rural Matters."  The program will also include 20 learning sessions.


Special Events

The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit plans customized special events for clients, ranging from small conversation circles or forums to conferences that are provincial or national in focus. They vary in size and scale, including half-day, multi-day or week long events, with or without trade shows.  We work closely with our clients to plan all aspects of the event including booking the facility, planning the program, contracting speakers, developing a communication plan, handling registrations and payments and collecting post-event feedback. Examples of two such special events are outlined below.

This workshop was organized by SELU in partnership with the Concentus Citizenship Education Foundation Inc., the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission and the Azrieli Foundation.  High school teachers (Grades 9-12) were the target audience for the event.  The day included hearing a survivor’s eyewitness account of the Holocaust and opportunities to review resources, including the new citizenship education resources.  Approximately 50 people participated in the knowledge exchange day that was held in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

“This was an incredibly powerful experience for me. I will never forget being fortunate enough to hear the first-hand account of such a brave and inspiring woman.”

Courtney Wall, teacher
Regina Catholic School Division 

“Some of the best professional development I've experienced."             

Erinn Herranen, teacher 
Lumsden Elementary School

This province-wide event was organized by SELU in partnership with the Concentus Citizenship Educational Foundation Inc. and the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. Community champions, decision-makers, leaders and stakeholders were the target audience for this event. Over 120 people from a myriad of organizations and agencies participated in the event that was held November 15, 2016 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Highlights of the day included keynote speakers Judge David Arnot and Dr. Joel Westheimer, an eight-member provincial panel and e-journalism students from Aden Bowman Collegiate. Check out the students’ blog to learn more about the forum.

“I am humbled by the support the different stakeholders displayed for the work teachers are doing in the classroom. It really provided hope and inspiration that this work will make a difference.”

Brett Kirk, teacher
Hanley Composite School 

“There is a strong network of people in education, social justice, government, police and law, and religious spheres doing good work and are willing to work together for a more just and equitable Saskatchewan.”

Rev. Ron McConnell
McClure United Church

“The voices of youth are even more powerful and inspiring than I knew.” 

Deborah Hamp, director of operations and engagement,
Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre