What is SPSC?

The Saskatchewan Principals' Short Course (SPSC) is sponsored by Saskatchewan Ministry of Education; the Saskatchewan School Boards Association; the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation; Saskatchewan School-Based Leaders; and the League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents.

The SPSC is open to teachers, teacher leaders, current or prospective Saskatchewan principals and vice-principals, others holding administrative responsibilities in schools (department heads, coordinators), and anyone else interested in developing their skills in instructional leadership. The sponsors of the Course are appreciative of the fact that many school boards in the Province nominate and financially assist at least one participant each year. However, because the Course is of interest to many Saskatchewan educators, individuals who wish to pay their own registration are invited to register, as well.

In 2020, within the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, SPSC will be held virtually, on-line, via the WebEx platform.  Current planning for this modified format suggests that operations underlying the delivery of the SPSC content will be based out of the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. In light of provincial and University requirements for social distancing, very few individuals will be required to engage in operations in-person. 

Graduate students in the departments of Educational Administration and Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan are advised that, given the prior approval of their advisor, this virtual conference may be included as part of their Master's or PhD program of study.


SPSC Program Director

The Saskatchewan Principals' Short Course is very pleased to announce that Dr Michelle Prytula has agreed to return in 2020 in the role of Program Director.

Recognizing that the success of the teaching profession hinges on the experiences of students in classrooms, Dr. Prytula’s number one priority as an educator is the student experience. Throughout her roles as a classroom teacher, school administrator, faculty member, and now in her current role as dean, Dr. Prytula is committed to education in this province, and has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for her work in support of teaching and learning.

SPSC Advanced Learning Series

Past Events Included: Accommodation of Gender Identity and Religion in Schools

Plans are underway for a continuation of the successful SPSC Advanced Learning Series into the fall of 2020.  In March, Geraldine Knudsen, SSBA Solicitor, offered past SPSC participants with access to a webinar on legal issues related to the accommodation of gender identity and religion in schools.  Ms Knudsen's contribution provided the first of what the SPSC team plans will be a growing collection of focused follow-ups and reconnections for SPSC participants.

More information, including directions for accessing future webinars in the Series, will be available in this space as planning advances.

SPSC 2020 Facilitators

Year after year, SPSC participants are joined and led by a cadre of experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, drawn from among provincial and First Nations education sector leaders.  More information about this year's facilitators will be provided in the coming weeks.

SPSC 2020 Assistants to the Director

Kathryn Bloski
Zanna McCrea
Jade Belhumeur

SPSC Program

Program Objectives

The major goal of the Short Course is to provide an intensive opportunity for participants from provincial and First Nations schools to deepen their knowledge of theory, practice, and reflection, contributing to their skills as teachers and school leaders.  The activities of the Course will enable participants to:

  1. Examine the role of the principal through the lens of instructional leadership;
  2. Extend knowledge regarding the practices of establishing a vision, influencing school culture, and stimulating the learning environment, while at the same time managing, modeling, and monitoring activities within the school;
  3. Learn about new developments and initiatives in education;
  4. Share experiences, insights and concerns with other practitioners; and,
  5. Develop a support network of diverse peers across the entire province.

Short Course Design

The format for the Saskatchewan Principals’ Short Course is shaped by the Instructional, Distributed, Ethical, and Transformational Leadership frameworks.  Session leaders and presenters represent views and perspectives from Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldviews.  As such, this course builds understanding of the role of the principal, as well as issues and challenges for provincial and First Nations leadership. 

The course is designed so that participants will be able to frame their learning within the three successful components of school leadership: Establishing a Vision and Culture Conducive to Learning; Stimulating the Learning Environment; and Managing, Modeling, and Monitoring.

Within the theme of Establishing a Vision and Culture Conducive to Learning, we have planned larger plenary sessions so that participants can come to understand the necessary roles of a shared vision and a culture of learning in their professional communities.

Within the theme of Enhancing the Learning Environment, we have planned smaller sessions which will enable participants to focus on topics of special interest to their schools.  These sessions will make up a significant component of the conference in that each will generate discussion within the broader context of school leadership.  This session format consists of multiple small group presentations, with audience sizes of 15-25 participants in the hope that participants engage in meaningful, related discussion.

Within the theme of Managing, Modeling, and Monitoring, we have placed sessions (large sessions again), which are designed to help participants understand the management role inherent in school leadership.

Throughout the week, participants will frequently meet as a small group with their facilitator, where they will have the opportunity to engage in Professional Reflection and Deeper Inquiry, discuss what they have learned, ask questions of group members and leaders, and share experiences, thoughts, and concerns in dialogue with one another.

While the week’s activities include a number of topics of special interest to beginning vice-principals and principals, many of the issues will be relevant to those in other leadership positions, including teacher leaders.

Sessions span the learning necessary for leadership, teaching, and learning across all treaties, enabling participants to not only add to their developing philosophy and repertoire of leadership strategies, but to also understand what others are facing as well.

Schedule Overview

In the coming weeks, the final schedule will be completed and distributed through this website.

2020 Keynote and Breakout Session – TBD


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Past Participant Comments


The following comments were selected as representative of participant response to a request as part of SPSC 2019 Evaluation to provide a closing Additional Comment about the program:

  • The diversity of your speakers and presentations, so many options.
  • The variety of breakout sessions around a range of topics.  The ability to choose for ourselves what we wanted to learn was a treat.
  • Loved the small group sessions wher we could debrief and share our thoughts in a safer space. 
  • Overall loved the program.  Great sessions and I really loved the small group sessions and having time to discuss more in depth what we learned.
  • Wonderful! The campus is beautiful, the session rooms are adequate.  The theatre is great and Marquis Hall has wonderful food.
  • Planning and execution was phenomenial.  Sessions and toopics were choosen carefully and everything seemed to run smoothly and on time.
  • This has been the best PD I have taken.  I feel so refreshed, motivated and have had a fire ignite within me this week.  I loved seeing how everyone involved in the organizing and implementing this course are so passionate.  It was so easy to catch their passion.  I loved the week.  Thank you and keep up the good work!
  • The opportunity to learn with and from all our Indigenous leaders was very powerful.  I appreciate all of the keynote speeches and their messages about the different aspects of being a leader.
  • Excellent presentations to choose from.  Loved that they are offered twice so that I could attend more that I'm interested in.
  • Excellent venue.  Staying close to campus havind the walk to and from added to being present in the learning and the days.  Beautiful campus!
  • This course challenged my thinking and opened my eyes in particular to the importance of Indigenization.  The quaility of the speakers was absolutely superb, I am humbled and honoured to have spent a week with such passionate and intelligent professionals. 

Advisory Committee

2020 Saskatchewan Principals’ Short Course Advisory Committee
Ms Geraldine Knudsen Saskatchewan School Boards Association
Ms Carol Sarich Saskatchewan School-Based Leaders
Mr Kevin Kleisinger Saskatchewan Ministry of Education
Mr John Schultz Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
Mr Shane Skjerven League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents
Dr David Burgess Director, Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
Ms Patricia Prowse Associate Director, Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
Dr Michelle Prytula Director, Saskatchewan Principals’ Short Course
Mr Pete Chief First Nations Representative
Dr Vicki Squires Head, Department of Educational Administration


Please complete one of the two form options available below, save the content of the form to a file on your hard drive for your own records, and then return the completed and saved form by email to the SELU email address provided.  

The registration deadline is June 25, 2020; however, as late appointments of Administrators are inevitable, we may be able to accept late registrations under such circumstances.

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