Companions and Patrons

The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit is fortunate to have the support of Companions and Patrons as we strive to fulfill our mission of serving clients in the education and human services sectors provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Companions are individuals who are engaged in the field of educational administration and leadership and who serve as colleagues, mentors and active participants in the work of SELU.  They are individuals who are companions in the work of SELU, and the SELU Team benefits from their research and their connection to the field.

Patrons are individuals who have been chosen to be recognized by the SELU Management Board for their significant and generous contributions to SELU and the field of educational administration, human services, and leadership.  These individuals, as patrons, serve as honourary supporters of SELU.  In this instance, they are recognized and celebrated for their knowledge, experience, and expertise and they serve as trusted advisors of the Unit.