SELU has over thirty years of experience fulfilling its mission to promote educational leadership through the delivery of professional learning services and programs, conducting research, facilitating forums for the discussion of salient educational and administrative issues, acting as a communication link among the various provincial and local educational organizations, and providing consultative services in the education and human services sectors.

SELU remains steadfastly committed to meeting the needs of our client. Although there may be similarities in the approach to professional services and programming, project development and implementation, each contract and consulting services agreement is seen as unique in its deliverables and is designed to be responsive to the client’s expectations and context.

School and System Effectiveness Reviews

Building on 30 years of school effectiveness research and field work, and following meaningful dialogues with clients, SELU employs a refreshed school review model that aligns with research-informed practices in educational change and leadership and the provincial education sector strategic plan. SELU has completed 17 school effectiveness reviews using the new framework and processes of Telling Your Learning Community’s Story.  We have also worked with partners outside of the complete system reviews and organizational improvement project.

Leadership for Teaching and Learning

SELU has a long history of supporting leadership for teaching and learning in Saskatchewan, more broadly in Canada, and around the world.  Our deep connection to the Department of Educational Administration, other Departments of the College of Education (in particular the Department of Curriculum Studies), and other units at the University of Saskatchewan affords us the opportunity to ensure that our supports for teaching and learning are rooted in scholarship and research, and maintain a level of rigour expected by academics, professionals, and practitioners, alike.

Annually, SELU receives requests for professional learning opportunities from institutions as local as Saskatchewan school divisions and First Nations authorities, and as far afield as global university partners in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Jamaica, and many more.  Each endeavour links into key University of Saskatchewan goals for Indigenization and internationalization.  Examples of our work supporting leadership of teaching and learning include standing events such as the Saskatchewan Principals' Short Course and the National Congress on Rural Education in Canada.  Customized events and opportunities are designed in collaboration with clients in order to attain their specific goals and outcomes.  

SELU has also developed and delivered our Educational Assistant Professional Learning Series (EAPLS) to many provincial and First Nations Educational Authorities.  The series includes seven modules developed to assist in the professional development of educational assistants, teachers, and school professionals.

Scholarly Research and Publications

For many years, SELU has been a trusted partner in research projects customized for school divisions and other organizations.  It brings University researcher competencies and ethical standards to the design, implementation, analysis, and presentation of any research endeavour. Furthermore, SELU promotes knowledge dissemination through publications like the practitioner-focused SELU Research Review Journal and through support for the Guide to Saskatchewan School Law.

Leadership Recruitment and Evaluations: Executive Services

SELU works collaboratively with clients to customize Director, CEO, Senior Administration and Board Assessments to meet the unique organizational needs of school divisions, educational and not-for-profit organizations. Evaluations typically include customized interviews and online surveys. SELU consultants can also review the evidence presented and compare it to the role description, work plan, and key deliverables. We work with a network of consultants to support executive searches and provide executive coaching services.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

SELU consultants facilitate discussions and collect findings with a myriad of stakeholder groups. Along with collecting feedback, SELU works collaboratively with our clients in the development of a focused, actionable, measurable and effective strategic plan that articulates a positive path forward for the organization. We also assist in refreshing vision and mission statements, and discuss how to align the organization’s work with provincial goals, outcomes, and other deliverables.

International Programs

SELU offers secretariat and administrative services in developing, managing and hosting events and programs for international students, staff and faculty.  We have experience in developing programs in various disciplines and we have co-organized programs with other colleges and units from the University of Saskatchewan.  Please refer to the international section of our website for examples of the programs we have recently organized.

Resource Development

SELU has developed resources for clients and organizations including the Ministry of Education, First Nation authorities and human services agencies.  Examples of these projects include the development of K-Grade 12 citizenship education pedagogy and resources, curriculum support documents for the Saskatoon Tribal Council and the Office of the Treaty Commissioner, as well as conducting literature reviews and developing position papers.

Needs Assessments

SELU has research expertise to assist clients and organizations in gathering data and conducting needs assessments.  Working with the client SELU can create online surveys, conduct face-to-face interviews and facilitate focus group discussions.  Questions are constructed to gather information that will facilitate a better understanding of current needs and opportunities.

Secretariat and Rapporteur Services

SELU provides secretariat (project administrative or management office) and rapporteur (meeting or event proceedings reporting) services.  The Unit is currently operating as secretariat on behalf of the College of Education and the Department of Educational Administration in the development of a new professional doctorate of education (EdD) program and SELU has similarly served the Province of Saskatchewan as secretariat of the Joint Task Force on First Nations and Métis Education and Employment Project.  

The Unit maintains resources and expertise to provide rapporteur services for the proceedings of meetings, to research and compile reports, and conduct other investigations.

Advice on Educational Matters

Through the knowledge and experience of University faculty and SELU consultants, SELU is able to work closely with clients to provide advice on educational issues including engaging qualified individuals to serve on boards of reference and in other capacities.

Organizational Networking

SELU has well-established relationships with educational and human services organizations and often acts as a communication link among these various agencies.  The Unit has the resources to offer customized organizational networking support for short-term and long-term projects.