Under its constitution, the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit operates as a Type A Centre subject to the University of Saskatchewan Policies and Regulations regarding Centre Operation and Assessment.  SELU exists within the College of Education, in association with the Department of Educational Administration, under the authority of the Dean of the College. 

Following a review of SELU operations in June 2013, amendments were proposed to the Dean of the College of Education that clarified the governance structures described within SELU's constitution.  Approved in October 2016 (with subsequent additional amendments ratified in June 2017), these amendments established a Management Board and renamed the previous Management Advisory Board as the Advisory Board.

Management Board

Dr. Beth Bilson


Dr. Vicki Squires

Dr. Keith Walker

Ms. Patricia Prowse

2017 – 2018 Advisory Board

The SELU Advisory Board consists of representatives of the various educational organizations in the province.  Member organizations appoint representatives that serve terms that vary in accordance with the policies and bylaws of their organizations.  The Advisory Board’s role is to provide advice on the direction of the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit from their organization’s perspective.

Ms Susan Nedelcov-Anderson
Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

Mr Ian Krips
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF)

Dr Paul Newton (Chair)
Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan

Dr Michelle Prytula
College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

Dr Pamela Osmond-Johnson
Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Mr Dean Newton
League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS)

Ms Carol Sarich
Saskatchewan School-Based Leaders (SSBL)

Mr Ted Amendt
Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA)

Mr Lonny Darroch
Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO)

Ms Tammy Bloor Cavers
Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education

Ms Ruth Griffith
Saskatchewan Association of School Councils (SASC)

Mr Pat Bugler
Treaty Six Education Council

Mr Trevor Smith
Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB)

Community Partner Member-at-Large

Dr David Burgess
Ms Patricia Prowse

Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU)