The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) is a non-profit agency that provides customized consultative services to educational partners, First Nations authorities, and human services agencies that enhance leadership development and educational programs.  Established by the Ministry of Education in 1986, the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit has served provincial, national, and international clients. Under its constitution, the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit operates as a Centre subject to the University of Saskatchewan Policies and Regulations regarding Centre Operation and Assessment.  SELU exists within the College of Education, in association with the Department of Educational Administration, under the authority of the Dean of the College.

SELU is subject and accountable to the policies of the Department of Educational Administration, the College of Education, the University of Saskatchewan, and relevant provincial and federal law in all activities and operations.  This provides a strict regime of acountability and, we believe, security for all of our clients.

In addition to the commonly referenced policies of our parent organizations, clients are served and secured by SELU's code of professional conduct for all of our consultants.