Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

“The SELU leadership team brought to the table experienced academics and consultants who immediately saw the importance of a citizenship education pedagogy based on the principles of ‘rights, responsibility, and respect.’ SELU really helped bring our vision for citizenship education to life.

– Judge David Arnot 
Chief Commissioner

League of Educational Administrators, Directors, and Superintendents (LEADS)

“The Saskatchewan League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS) would like to offer recognition and extend our appreciation for the exemplary services provided by the Saskatchewan Education Leadership Unit (SELU). LEADS has a long-standing professional relationship with SELU, and values our work together.

LEADS is a professional regulatory body with the legislative responsibility for licensing and monitoring the professional development of all members.  SELU had provided support, advisement, and counsel to the LEADS organization for numerous years.

Some examples of our professional relationship and partnership are demonstrated in several ways: Principal's Short Course, National Congress on Rural Education in Canada, Research and Authoring of the LEADS Leadership Paper, Research and Advisement on Policy and Applications, In-service and Training for School Division Staff and Professional Exchange on many current issues and trends within the Provincial Educational sector.

It is an honour and a privilege to work with the exceptional SELU staff, and we look forward to our continued and valued partnership.

– Ben Grebinski 
Executive Director

Universidad Catolica Del Maule

"The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) and the Language Center at the University of Saskatchewan collaborated on a special project for the Universidad Catolica De Maule (UCM).  From the beginning, there was a very fluid coordination when co-designing a project that would fit our needs, as well as the flexibility to make specific adjustments based on our needs. SELU and the Language Center developed an excellent experience for the teachers who were part of the immersion program and methodologies for teaching English courses. The level of involvement in this project, not only from the SELU Team but also from USask authorities, showed a high degree of institutional commitment that we greatly value.”

- Jorge Burgos Munoz

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

“The Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being (SAYCW) values the partnership and contributions of SELU in supporting SAYCW to improve the health and well-being of youth in Grades 7 to 12. SELU’s expertise in survey administration within Saskatchewan schools made it possible for SAYCW to complete its first cycle of the Youth Health Survey as successfully as possible. SAYCW looks forward to the continued partnership and contributions of SELU in completing a second Youth Health Survey cycle.”

– Shardelle Brown 
Population Health Promotion Practitioner
and Project Manager of SAYCW

Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors (SIGN)

“On behalf of the Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors, I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) for their assistance in providing an Employee Engagement and Salary Review for our organization. As always, SELU provided a very professional service, working with our staff, Board of Directors and provincial partners to assist us in evaluating our wage and benefits structures, workplace culture,  career development initiatives and work environment. This work is important for us in our recruitment and retention strategies. Over the years, SIGN has partnered with SELU and has developed a strong working relationship. I look forward to our continued work together in the future.”

– Andrew Sedley 
Executive Director 


Treaty Six Education Council (TSEC)

“SELU has also shown an eagerness to revamp and revitalize their current practice to meet the needs of its clients.  Treaty Six Education Council [TSEC] has worked with SELU to ensure that the school review process becomes more responsive to the needs of First Nations schools and communities.  Comments from community members, parents, staff, elected leaders and students of the Nations making up TSEC were positive about the school review process.  Many stated that they ‘have never been asked before,’ when providing feedback on the school review process.

“SELU has taken steps to hear the voices of the clients they serve, and have opened themselves up to examine their own philosophy on why they do what they do.  We have been very pleased with our experience working with the staff of SELU.  Interactions have always been courteous, professional and collegial.  We look forward to working with SELU in the future and appreciate the organization’s willingness to be open to change.”

– Pat Bugler
Director of Education

Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO)

“The Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO) is very fortunate to have built a strong connection with the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) and appreciate having a representative on their executive.

“Education is a unique environment in which to work, over the past number of years we have seen demands of school division staff become more demanding finding less and less time to complete those functions important to a growing organization while still trying to put the success of students first.

“SELU provides access to individuals who have had exemplary careers in the educational field, possess the expertise and understand the environment. These individuals have a proven track record of providing the support needed by educational organizations to effectively manage change, continue to operate efficiently and assist school division staff to concentrate on the education of the students.

“Our association has been privileged to work with SELU and we look to the opportunity to expand that relationship even further in the future.”

– Phil Benson
Executive Director

Good Spirit School Division No. 204

“Our school division has contracted SELU for the last few years to complete 360 Reviews for our Professional Service Providers.  Patricia and Tom have been excellent to work with and very responsive to our requests as we refined and improved our process.  Working with SELU has been a positive and professional learning opportunity for all involved.”

– Tracy Huckell
Superintendent of Education

Horizon School Division

“The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) continues to provide responsive, timely leadership and support for school divisions across Saskatchewan, impacting and improving practice and student support models for students. SELU’s leadership from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worked collaboratively to meet identified needs, through the leveraging of their research expertise for the timely and responsive delivery of the Educational Assistants’ Professional Learning Series positively impacting the practice of our Educational Assistants, schools, students, and communities across our division.” 

– Randolph J. MacLEAN
Deputy Director of Education

Sun West School Division

"SELU continues to be an invaluable partner to Saskatchewan school divisions. When the Covid-19 pandemic closed schools, many of us were looking for professional development opportunities for our Educational Assistants as face-to-face options were no longer an option. SELU responded to the school division requests and quickly organized and arranged for their modules to be delivered in an online format. The 60 participants who attended from Sun West School Division came back excited, energized, and eager to learn more. This opportunity also opened up communication with student support teachers at the school level. We will definitely be participating in future modules."

– Carole Butcher
Superintendent of Student Support Services

College of Education Graduate Student Society

“I wanted to express how much I enjoyed working with SELU and the PIs [principal investigators] on the school effectiveness reviews.  It was such a fantastic learning opportunity, and I appreciated having it.”

– Josie Steeves
PhD Candidate