The SELU Research Review Journal (SRRJ) was launched in November 2016 as a forum for graduate student reviews capturing the state of current research in educational administration.  Topics related to leadership, policy, governance, law, finance, and the administration of K–12, post-secondary, and other educational institutions are the focus of this journal.  The articles published in the Journal reflect graduate students’ work throughout their programs of study at the University of Saskatchewan.  This journal is intended to be a resource for educational administrators and practitioners—offering thorough overviews and assessments of current research.  Reviews presented in the Journal represent collections of diverse perspectives and findings from academic research that will aid in policy development and in the improvement of practice in educational institutions.

SRRJ does not accept unsolicited submissions for publication.


    • Dr David Burgess (Volumes 1 & 2);
    • Dr Vicki Squires (Volume 3)

Issue Editors:

    • Dr Vicki Squires (Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2);
    • Dr Jing Xiao (Volume 2, Issue 1);
    • Dr Vicki Squires (Volume 3, Issue 1)

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