College of Education Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit

Research Area(s)

  • Post-Secondary Education; Leadership; Assessment and Evaluation; Organizational Theory


As an Associate Professor in Educational Administration, Dr. Squires is very invested in leadership education. She began her professional career as a special education teacher and then as a vice-principal in Saskatoon Public Schools. Upon completion of her PhD, she moved to the University of Saskatchewan to serve as the Manager of Planning, Program Development and Assessment in the unit formerly known as Student and Enrolment Services Division (SESD) which now is the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience portfolio. Her experience as a manager and then as an Associate Director in SESD afforded her an opportunity to learn more about administration and governance in higher education. Dr. Squires worked collaboratively with leadership in SESD to construct integrated four year strategic plans that focused the work of the division on the priorities of the university.

Dr. Squires became a faculty member in the Department of Educational Administration in September 2014. Because of her experiences in campus administration, she led the development of an undergraduate certificate and Master’s degree field of specialization in leadership in PSE, launched in May 2016. These courses have been well-received by the campus community, and the students she supervises are usually interested in researching topics regarding PSE leadership. As a tenured Associate Professor, Dr. Squires has had the opportunity to mentor students in developing conference presentations, writing journal publications and engaging in research for developing their theses. To date, she has supervised four Master’s students to thesis completion, one doctoral student to dissertation completion, and is currently supervising two Masters and seven PhD students. Additionally, Dr. Squires has served on many thesis and doctoral student committees. She also serves the college and university through her committee work, and has been on several boards including CHEP Good Food Inc., a non-profit organization focused on addressing community food insecurity. Currently, she is a board member of the Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education.

Her research areas include post-secondary students’ well-being and success, as well as leadership and organizational development in post-secondary education (PSE) institutions. She has been a guest lecturer and presented at national and international conferences on post-secondary topics, such as achieving innovation on campus, student transitions, student mental health, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Dr. Squires brings expertise in policy development processes, and teaches classes on governance and policy-making, teaching and learning in PSE, student services in PSE, and PSE administration and governance. She is also the Assistant Editor of the Higher Education and Leadership division of the Journal of Global Education and Research, an international open access journal. Dr. Squires has conducted 8 research projects as Principal investigator, including a Tri-Council funded study that is concluding in March 2021, with a virtual symposium examining the implementation and evaluation of health promoting networks and the role of collaborative leadership in supporting well-being on campus.

Dr. Squires has presented on and written in the field of leadership and the field of student services. Several of her published articles examine a number of higher education issues such as the needs of student parents, use of learning analytics to improve student performance, use of e-learning technologies in classrooms and the development of threat assessment protocols on campus. In addition, she has published articles on adaptive leadership models and networked learning communities that are applicable to the K-12 education sector.  Because of her wide range of educational leadership experiences, Dr. Squires brings a unique background to her teaching and her research.


  • PhD, University of Saskatchewan, 2010
  • MEd (Thesis), University of Saskatchewan, 2004
  • BEd (Distinction), University of Saskatchewan, 1984


Undergraduate Teaching

  • EADM 303 – Schools in Society: Structures, Systems, and Stakeholders
  • EADM 423 – The Professional Leader and Organizational Development
  • EADM 437 – Role of Students and Student Services in Post-Secondary Education
  • EADM 438 – Administration and Governance in Post-Secondary Education
  • EADM 439 – Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education

Graduate Teaching

  • EADM 811 – History and Development of Organizational Theory
  • EADM 821 – Organizational Behaviour in Education
  • EADM 835 – Governance and Policy Making
  • EADM 837 – Role of Students and Student Services in Post-Secondary Education
  • EADM 838 – Administration and Governance in Post-Secondary Education
  • EADM 839 – Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education
  • EADM 885 – Research Methodologies in Education
  • EADM 894 – Laboratory in Educational Administration
  • EADM 990 – Master’s Seminar
  • EADM 991 – Educational Leadership: Capstone Course


  • Post-secondary education: leadership, governance, student supports, teaching and learning
  • Student wellbeing
  • Leadership and Organizational Theory
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Holistic Health Promotion Frameworks on Campuses

Service and Outreach

  • Committee member and chair, Faculty Policy and Planning Committee (member: 2016 – 2020; chair: 2018 – 2020)
  • Board member and Chair, Nominations Committee of University Council (board member: 2018 – 2020; chair: 2019 – 2020)
  • Board member and Chair, CHEP Good Food Inc. (board member: 2016 – 2020; chair 2019 – 2020)
  • Assistant Editor, Higher Education and Leadership, Journal of Global Educational Research (2018 – 2020)
  • Board member, Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education (2020 – 2022)

Graduate Supervision

  • Blazieko, C. (2016). Creating authentic collaboration for teachers through network learning communities. [MEd]. Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Blizzard, R. (2020). Service design in the delivery of non-academic services in higher education. [MEd]. Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Hartman, A. (2019). The role of shame in student persistence and help-seeking. [MEd]. Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Ly, A. (2020). Influence of pharmacists’ expanded scope of practice on physician collaboration in community pharmacy. [MEd]. Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Okapiec, A. (2019). A study of presidential succession in a Canadian university context: Perceptions of key stakeholders. [PhD]. Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.

Selected Publications

  • Squires, V., & London, C. (accepted). Collaborative leadership as an approach to promote wellbeing on post-secondary campuses. In B Kutsyuruba, S. Cherkowski, & K. Walker (Eds.) Positive leadership in education: Stories of flourishing in diverse contexts.
  • Rehry, G., Molinaro, M, Groth, D., Bennett, C., Code, W., Reynolds, A., Squires, V., & Ward, D. (2020). Supporting faculty adoption of data analytics within the complex world of higher education. In D. Ifenthaler & D. Gibson (Eds.) Adoption of data analytics in higher education in teaching and learning. (pp. 221-239).  New York: Springer Nature.
  • Squires, V. (2018). Using the 3E framework in promoting adult learners’ success in online environments. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 64, Summer 2018, 126-140.
  • Mousavi, A., Schmidt, M., Squires, V. & Wilson, K. (2020). Assessing the effectiveness of Student Advice Recommender Agent (SARA): The case of automated personalized feedback. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.
  • Squires, V. (2019). The well-being of the early career teacher: A review of the literature on the pivotal role of mentoring. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, 8(4), 255-267.

Selected Presentations

  • Squires, V., & London, C. (2020). Investigating the Impact of a Well-being Framework on Canadian Campuses. International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI). Marrakesh, Morocco: Jan. 6-10.
  • Squires, V., & Walker, K. (2020). Examining Pre-service Teacher Perceptions of Resilience and Well-Being. International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI). Marrakesh, Morocco: Jan. 6-10.
  • Okapiec, A., & Squires, V. (2019). Steering Through the Turbulent Waters of Academic Leadership in Higher Education. International Leadership Association (ILA) Conference. Ottawa, ON: Oct. 24-27.
  • Rehrey, G., & Squires, V. (2019). Faculty learning analytics research communities and the scholarship of student success. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA: Oct. 9-12.
  • Squires, V., & London, C. (2019). Gauging the impact of the Okanagan Charter on the well-being of Canadian campuses. Canadian Society of the Study of Higher Education Annual Conference. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC: June 1-5.